Thursday, October 21, 2010


So Ive abanoned you scince mmmmmmm.... August-ish but let me tell you why before you go off and get upset! I was given the opportunity to show my collection in NYC fashion week in September!!! Exiting yes I know. I had  9 weeks to perep for the show !! Yes 9 weeks to come up with an enitre collection and funding for this show. You can imagine how hectic my life was for for the days leading up to the show. Not to mention working full time to pay rent. Well with that said  Im so glad that I did it !! It was an amazing experience and ive been non stop with orders, interviews, photo shoots .....etc...etc....
                         Here is where I take the time to give thanks !!
                                 first and formost Thank you God
                                     Thank you Mamita
                                           Ron :)
                                         Alexis <3
                 every one who made it possible for me to get there !!
                                 Thank you universe !!!!!

       here is a video of my ecperience hope you like !!

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