Thursday, January 28, 2010

Black , the new black

There is no doubt that color can influence feeling and emotions. Colors have the ability to really flatter a person in different ways, but no other color flatters the body than black . Black is very misunderstood for one its inset really a color it is the value of a color but who want to get technical. Death, darkness and fear some associate black with these emotions, but some don't know that black also denotes strength, authority, elegance class and power. "Red is the new black" I find this amusing, I think that some are turned off by the color because it can be kind of boring, but here are some ways to make" boring black banging black'.

Play with textures here are some skirts with textures details

Here are some really chic tops nothing boring about these.

black the new black

The black trouser, a staple in a woman's wardrobe.
black the new balck

Great way to rock a jumper, sometimes jumpers can be too much I personally think that the look super classy in black

Shoes my favorite part here is a way to really spunk up all black, what better way to show off that beautiful shoe wearing all black .

Any bag goes when your all in black

Accessorize and glamorize dont forget about the bling , accessories make an outfit. Dont forget to grab the most important accessory o your way out your CONFIDENCE , with it you can pull anything off.
Black loved for its magical slimming powers and misunderstood for its mysterious looks. Weather you love it or hate it black is the new black yesterday ,today, tomorrow and forever.

Peace, love and great shoes,
Eli De Leon

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ladies ....ok and gentlemen. I think its time we talk about a serious subject.....Undergarments ! Just because they are worn UNDER doesn't mean that they cant be seen on the out side. And at times even if we cant see them on the out side they can really have an effect on how they shape your body. Think about it as a foundation .... A great looking building or home starts out with a good foundation then we build on that. Look at it like a nice smooth concrete slab.Stop the hunger....booty munchies !! dont let this happen to you or your friends!!

How can I avoid this? Def a samless bikini would of been the best choice here.

( try Victoria Secrets super model no show undies 3/$25 sale right now)

In this case I strongly encourage you to not go out of your house wearing white tights, and if you let your friend or any one you love go anywhere looking like this ....shame on you your a horrible friend! Reason Im showing you this pic is because I wanted to show you something White...White tights ,White LACE undies Wrong!! There a misconception thats if your wearing something white you have to wear white udies...well thats totally wrong. Nude, Nude is the color you should be wearing so that avoid these foundation problems.

Although not the sexiest or comfortable thing to wear ....SPANX really does the job!! It smoothens, slims,tightens,flatten and flatter instantly! It really works miracles Log on to their website for deals ....they now carry apparel, slimming swimwear and couture inspired underwear.

The miracles of spanx- before and after pic!!

This is a great bra its perfect for those low cleavage sexy tops that you feel really uncomfortable wearing because you feel like your going to fall out. Now the boys will be falling out when they see the amazing cleavage that this bra will give you .

A few things to remember ...nude underwear are your best friend ,they have been used in runway shows and photo shoots for years. Foundation and confidence the most important item your closet should never leave home with out it.

peace love and great shoes
E.De Leon

Friday, January 8, 2010


I recently snagged this pair of boots from Aldo for under $100! I lOVE them I cant stop wearing them! The heel is only 3in so I can wear them all day, cute and comfortable what else can a trendy girl ask for ? Here are some things I think would look absolutely fab with them. I usually wear them with some cut off shorts with leggings under because burr its cold, a cute lose t-shirt and my black leather jacket. I take it from day to night by losing the shorts keeping the leggings and adding a sheek dress or top. Off I go in to the night life with my bad girl biker boots on and my good girl smile : ).